Biggest Takeaways from Aesthetic Symposium

I just returned from the Aesthetic Extenders Symposium in Miami.  It is grueling to sit on a plane for hours, sit in lectures for 3 days and then sit some more to fly home again. Saturday’s presentations went all day from 7am until 8pm.  They even had a lecture over lunch!  But the takeaways made it all worth it!  Here is a little of what I learned.
There is no magic bullet:  even surgery usually requires other treatments for the best improvement.  We are lucky however because there are many tools in the toolbox. One of the Doctors described it as a “Mega Combination Sandwich:” Fat reduction – Skin tightening – Fillers – Pigment removal – Micro needling – Fractionated resurfacing – Neuromodulators (Botox). You may need them all or just a couple of them but often just one treatment is not enough.  I learned some great tips for Botox and fillers.
One of the main area’s I was hoping to learn more about is micro-needling.  It is still a very popular treatment and is now being combined with other treatments such as Radiofrequency Facial Rejuvenation or Plasma Rich Platelet therapy (PRP).  I will be checking more into the PRP since it is supposed to stimulate even more collagen.  I also read on my way home that some feel, like I do with my big peels, that everyone should prep their skin with a retinoid before needling and use a Vitamin C + E treatment after for enhanced healing.  I also learned more about the appropriate settings for treatment, which I am happy to say I have been using.
A reminder of why to consider micro-needling:
  • Restores skin’s barrier defense
  • Stimulates the epidermis creating smooth healthy looking skin
  • Ensures uniform distribution and normal melanization for even skin tone.
  • Stimulates collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan for firm, plump skin with proper hydration.
  • A micro-needling series increases collagen by 200%
  • I have been very pleased with what micro-needling is doing for my skin and it is a popular option for collagen maintenance.
My big takeaways from the symposium:
  1. Sunscreen and Retin A / Tretinoin: everyone should be using some form of a retinoid and if you can’t handle the prescription strength we sell a great nonprescription option by SkinCeuticals.
  2. It is all about maintenance:  we are aging daily; it is about treating our skin in order to slow down aging. Even the superficial chemical peels stimulate collagen.  If treatments aren’t your thing then good skin care products are a must.
  3. Vaginal rejuvenation: I watched a video demonstration on the Thermi Va, vaginal rejuvenation. It only takes 3-4 minutes, costs $3-4,000 and has high patient satisfaction.
  4. Micro-needling is not a trend.  The information I received about micro-needling has made me even more excited about offering this collagen stimulation procedure.
I am sure I will come up with more thoughts as I go back over my notes but those were the highlights for me. As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions.