Can you Turn Back the Clock?

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How many years do you want to turn back the clock?  What is your budget, how much down time can you take?
For me it is all about preventative maintenance along the way.  I can’t say I haven’t had any sun because I have.  I grew up on a small farm and as a child I was always in the fields.  As teenager hoeing strawberries or onions, my friends and I would put on our bikinis, strap a radio to our hip and go to it.  My husband and I love to water ski and we have a big yard so I am often out in the sun, but I try to be smart about it.
I have had many medium-depth chemical peels over the years, and I think they have had the biggest impact on my skin.  Botox is the next biggest helper for me.  I started with Botox injections around 2000, so the lines I would have gotten from muscle movement have been slowed down and my new best friend is Dermal Filler.  I have had fillers since about 1985.  At my age volume is the big issue and that is where fillers come in to help out.  The information below is a nice little summary from Surgical Esthetics magazine with my commentary.
Turning back the clock
1-5 years:  Skin care products – it depends who you listen to, if it is better to eat your anti-oxidants or put them on your skin.  There are so many products it is overwhelming.  Companies have given us the ingredient list for the products we sell and data that shows that they do have an effect on the skin.  I see the difference in the skin of people that: USE SUNSCREEN and those that use good products. (There are many OTC products that are great but consumers don’t have information to back up the concentration and ingredient formulas).
Tretinoin (Retin A) has the most data behind it showing that it helps to reverse sun damage and aging.  I think SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF are the best anti-oxidants.  Growth factors help new cell growth – and we have Neocutis or SkinMedica.
Microdermabrasion or Superficial chemical peels:  there is data that shows even the superficial peels stimulate collagen.
Botox: is the #1 procedure in the country by far and frown lines are the most popular area injected. Crows feet are close behind but crows feet don’t bother everyone, whereas people say things about the frown like, “my kids say I look mad all the time.”
6-10 years:  All of the above as well as – Chemical peels that are more aggressive.   There are many different levels of peels.  They are the biggest bang for your buck and most helpful with pigmentation problems.
Micro needling:  creates controlled injury to the skin that stimulates collagen.  It is cost effective with only one day of down time.
More Botox:  Chin, brow lift, forehead, corners of the mouth.
Fillers: Smile lines, lips, under eyes, cheek lift, brow lift, jowl smoothing.
Lasers:  Fraxionated to stimulate collagen, little down time. (Can be more aggressive too)
Ultherapy:  Ultrasound to tighten the skin.
11+ years:  All of the above as well as Surgery.  Even if you have a facelift you may still need a laser treatment or chemical peel because a facelift won’t change the surface of your skin.  You may still need fillers or Botox because a facelift doesn’t always help with lips or lines around the lips.
The hard facts are:  “it is all about maintenance,” but it is all about your choice.  You can do a couple little things and use good products or you can do something major.
Keep an eye on the specials over the next few months and maybe you will want to try one of these procedures.  Let me know if you have any other questions.