Chemical Peels are Still the Biggest Bang for your Buck

Ancient Egyptians used animal oils, salt, alabaster and sour milk to aesthetically improve the skin – so chemical peels are not a new concept.  By the mid 1800’s chemical formulations were being developed.  Knowing what I know about the power of chemical peels it scares me to even think about experimenting……..  By the ’50s and 60’s chemical peels had been developed to deliver safe and predictable results.  The popularity of chemical peels ebbs and flows but they always remain in the top 5 of all cosmetic procedures.

Biggest chemical peel benefits:
        • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
        • Improves the color and gives the skin a glow / fresh look
        • Fast with minimal downtime (dependent on the peel you choose)
        • Reduces appearance of sun damage and discoloration
        • Improves texture and pores
        • Enhances collagen growth – even the light peels have been shown to stimulate collagen
        • Helps manage acne and softens acne scarring
        • Truly is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to cosmetic treatments

Choosing the chemical peel that is right for your skin depends on what you want to achieve, how quick you want to achieve it and how much downtime you can afford. I give chemical peels the credit for helping my skin and I can help you choose the peel that is best for you.

October is a great time to give a chemical peel a try. Clean up your skin after the summer sun and receive 10% of any one peel with this months special!

Learn about all the different chemical peels here.
Let me know if you have any questions.