12 Ways to Better Beauty Sleep

As we head into the busy holiday season we need to get our beauty sleep. Night time is the right time for the skin to reboot, repair and refresh. The natural circadian sleep mode starts kicking in around 9pm – this is with no caffeine, adrenaline/stress, or alcohol. Melatonin is released, signaling it is time to wind down. As we sleep, our skin goes through an important repair cycle.

Tips for evening skin care and rest:

  1. Deep cleanse at night making sure all your make up is off, sometimes requiring 2 cleansing or different cleansers.
  2. Exfoliate 2-3 times / week with an exfoliating product or cleansing brush.
  3. Apply a good quality product (retinol, antioxidant, peptide, growth factor, hyaluronic acid).
  4. During the day try to expose yourself to natural light (also helps with mood and alertness).
  5. Set regular bed times. If you take a warm bath or hot tub, it is best to cool down for an hour before bed.
  6. Screen free in the bedroom – lights from TV, phones, computers can inhibit the release of melatonin.
  7. Sleep on your back if possible (reduces creases).
  8. A small amount of protein before bedtime may help you sleep through the night. (Nuts, turkey).
  9. Try to add exercise to your daily routine.
  10. Ban furry friends from bed.
  11. Experiment with progressive muscle tightening and relaxation with deep breathes as you are falling asleep.
  12. Manage your worries or lists before bedtime. Jot it down and let it go for the night.

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    Julie Miller