When you Prefer your Chin Not Waddle

Kybella is for the treatment of submental fullness, aka the double chin.  Most commonly it is influenced by genetics, weight gain and aging.  Kybella is based on a procedure called, Mesotherapy or Lipo dissolve that was done years ago, until the FDA decided it needed to be studied.  It is a bile salt that is injected into fat pockets. It breaks down the fat cell wall and the byproducts are carried away.  Currently, it is only FDA approved for under the chin.   Before Kybella, Liposuction was the main treatment option.

When I had my initial training for Kybella the guidelines were to only treat a narrow area under the chin, approximately as wide as the outer edge of your mouth.  The results were slow in coming.  Now injections can be administered anywhere under the jawline where there is fat.  The good and the bad news is that is it should take fewer treatments to get results, but it takes more medication to treat.  Most patients will probably take 2 vials the first time and will need to repeat the treatment 2-4 times.  If you only need 2 treatments the cost would be around $1,600.00 and twice that for 4 treatments.  If you need 3-4 treatments then liposuction might be more cost effective, and it only takes 1 treatment.

What to expect:  A grid is placed on the under jaw area.  That will tell us how many vials we need.  The area is iced and then the Kybella is injected throughout at approximately ¼ inch increments.  The sensation has been described as “bee stings” but no one has jumped up and swung at me yet!  You may experience a little bruising and it will swell for 3-4 weeks.  The swelling is usually not that noticeable but the tissue will feel like jello.  The result of each treatment will take 8 weeks.  The fat should decrease and the skin will tighten from the inflammatory process.

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Other options for fat reduction: In addition to Kybella and liposuction, there are about a dozen noninvasive devices available for fat reduction and tightening. Some cool the fat and some heat the fat.  Either works for fat reduction but it is thought that heat does a better job for skin tightening.  A lot of the bigger clinics have multiple devices to individualize your treatment.

As always feel free to ask me questions or schedule a free consultation to learn if Kybella is right for you.
Julie Miller