A Quick Rundown of the Aging Process

As summer winds down and we take inventory of our skin, here is a cold look at the effects of enjoying life and some options for your winter to do list.

Phases of Facial aging

1. Expressional: No more happy face.
All those smiles, laughs, talking, drinking / muscle movement create lines.
Smoothing options: Botox for frown lines, eyes, eyebrow lift, forehead, soften lip lines, lift the corner of your mouth.

2. Gravitational: Going South
Loss of collagen in our skin from natural aging and from UV leads to loose skin.
Tightening options: Chemical peels, micro needling, ultrasound, radio frequency, lasers, face lift.

3. Loss of volume: Peaks, valleys and crevasses.
The fat in our face diminishes, even the muscle, and bone aren’t as supportive
Lifting options: Fillers

4. Skin surface: Liver/brown spots, skin cancer and barnacles
Clarifying options: Products, bleaches, chemical peels, lasers, Intense Pulse Laser, Liquid Nitrogen. Seeing a Dermatologist may be necessary for prescription treatment, biopsy or surgery.

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Julie Miller