Do Skin Care Products Really Make a Difference?

Recently a patient told me that she heard on Good Morning America that skin care products don’t matter, other than sunscreen.  If that is true, I don’t agree but yes on the sunscreen part.  Just look around and you can tell the difference in someone who uses good quality products versus someone that doesn’t.
To back me up, recently I read a study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.  It was a split face study comparing one side of the face treated with a 3 non-ablative laser treatments, (for rejuvenation), versus a mass-marketed skin care system (they didn’t identify what skin care line they used).  It proved that the skin care line provided objective clinical improvement in photo aged skin that is statistically similar to that of a series of laser treatments (pigment, fine lines and wrinkles). It also showed a borderline significant subject preference for the skin care treatment over the laser treatment, with more subjects choosing to use skin care on the non-treated side than those that choose to have laser.
Skin care does matter.  And on that topic:  last month I wrote about the HA5 by SkinMedica.   I have pretty sensitive skin so I tend not to experiment on myself but I had a sample of the HA5 so I decided I should at least try it.  After 3 days, I could tell my skin was softer and felt plumper.  I like it.  We will see if it continues to improve after a few months like it is suppose too.  SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Repair is having reports of tightening, brightening and smoother skin as well.